Alexandra Paris: Actress, Vocalist, Model, TV Hostess, Stage Performer and Producer


First and foremost, I will not work with PHONEYS or BIG EGOS. I will not work with Hollywood people of any kind whatsoever! I only work with REAL people. So if you are a PHONEY, a BIG EGO or a mainstream Hollywood fake, please do not contact me. I do things from the heart and I produce locally in things I strongly believe in. Not what the mainstream believes in. So just because one is from Hollywood does not make them any better than anyone else out there. We all have the same goal, it's that just some of us don't want to conform to everyone else' ideals. Those that do, sell their soul and that's not a good thing.

I produce my own show on Portland cable access called Galactic Groove as well as being the webmaster for my own personal website. There is a link on my profile to my soon to be improved website. For perspective photographers who wish to do nudes, I WILL NOT be photographed spread eagle (showing vagina) and I WILL NOT have sex with another person on camera. I will be willing to pose with another person in the nude in general as long as there is no sex involved. I am not looking to be a porn star, I am an artist and I take what I do very seriously. If you are wanting to do classy pictures and make some art with me great! Otherwise, if you are wanting porn forget it, I'm not your girl! So in other words NO PORN, NO HARDCORE, AND NO ESCORTING so do not ask!
I am looking to do an art project based on the Seven Deadly Sins, please read below for details:


I am a local plus model here in Portland who would like to collaborate with other photographers here in the Portland/Vancouver area on an art project that I would eventually like to show in a local gallery over the next year or so.

This project is based on the seven deadly sins:


Unfortunately I cannot pay since I am a starving artist and this TFP/TFCD aka trade for print/trade for CD. But I can give you credit when the project is finished. So if you are interested please feel free to conatact me. This could be fun for everyone involved. This will involve some tasteful nudity depending on the sin we are shooting.

SERIOUS INQUERIES ONLY PLEASE! I will not respond to pornographers of any kind, chubby chasers, perverts, big egos, or guys over 50 with a camera who just want to shoot naked chicks. I will respond to people who want to make ART and be a part of something that could be fun for all parties involved.

For more info, please feel free to check out my Musecube portfolio:

Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Alexandra Paris



Movie credits:

2007-Starleeza Saturna VS. Molly The Merciless: Starleeza Saturna
2006-The Auteur: Topless patron
2005-Come Hell Or High Water: Nightclub patron
2005-A Simple Smile: Interviewee standing in line.
2005-Two Boys Kissing (local student film): Onlooker
2005-Eviction Notice: Mental patient
2005-Drift: Restaurant patron
2005-Drama Queens: Club goer
2005-Chalupka: Office extra
2005-Flesh Of My Flesh: Zombie/human extra
2005-Deadly Premonitions: Christine, best friend of lead who gets killed.
2005-Shadows of Despair with Debbie Rochon: Zoe, reporter for Far Out Magazine.
2004-Twisted Fates: Contessa the narrator.
2003-Nobody American: Bar patron
2001-Murder In Portland: Tete, waitress in a gay nightclub.
2001-Queen Of Hearts: Vanessa
2001-Mimosa: Bar patron


2008 to Present-Hostess and executive producer of The Alexandra Paris Show on Portland Community Media Television
2001 to 2007-Hostess and executive producer of Galactic Groove on PCMTV
2004 to present-Cast member of Low Comedy, a local cable access program in Portland, Oregon.
2005-Played Marilyn Monroe on The Jack Benny Program 2005 out at TVCTV.


2009-Currently playing Amber Sweet in The Oregon Donors shadowcast of REPO: The Genetic Opera
April 2007-Played Hansel in the live shadowcast of Hedwig and the Angry Inch at The Clinton Street Theater. Portland, Oregon
1996 to present-local performer at the Embers Avenue in Portland, Oregon

Vocal recordings:

2003-Fever recorded LIVE at The Embers Avenue
2005-Just launched my music site!


2005-Dark Gallery Online
2004-Corvallis Gazette Times

Internet TV: ch.10

Interested in:

  • Art
  • Print
  • Runway
  • Headshot
  • Video
  • Nude
  • Glamour
  • Stage
  • Film / Video
  • Plus Model
  • Mediums

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