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New York, New York
United States

About Eden

Honestly, I hate modeling. Let me rephrase that, I despise the actual "working". The neverending castings, checking in with the agency 3x a day, being on call most of my waking hours. Trekking for hours on end for fashion week in the dead of winter, suffering chills and pseudo-pnuemonia in icy wet clothing for what seems like eternity to be seen for a couple clicks on the minute hand... Id go on, but ill spare you the rest, im trying to conserve ink; )That having been said, i wouldnt change a second of it.

The thrill of the unknown, anxiously awaiting the results of a shoot weeks earlier, the illusion and duplicity of this double life; the pure innocence of a childs' fantasy, playing dress-up and the part of whoever the imagination chose for that day, makes it all worth it... Theres something about being in front of the camera and somewhere along floating down the runway, a magical aura of invincibility shines upon you...

Eden - Experience


Background work in movie, Infamous starring John Leguizamo- July 02’

Background work for HBO series, Sex in The City-May 03’

Appearance on MTV's tv show "Boiling Points"- aired early Jan 04'

Episode of new VH1 series "RaceoRama" making fun of racism in the form of sketch comedy- Aug 04’

“Rip The Runway”-Televised Baby Phat show on BET- Mar 05’.

“Project Runway” currently airing on Bravo.

Printwork :

Stockwork for an ad campaign in Canada-Aug 02’

Featured in Queens Tribune article on aspiring talent- Jan 03’

Stockwork for a series of medical/hospital oriented books and journals- Mar 03’

Fine art nudes on display in Michael Ezras gallery in Soho- July and Aug 03’

“KikiRiki” junior line catalog/lookbook- Nov 04’

Tracy Reese lookbook- Mar 05’

“Black& White” lookbook- Mar 05’

‘Sistahs of Harlem” Lookbook- May 05’

Dec issue of Cosmo- pg 160 Dec 05’

Lookbook for Kara Janx, one of the finalists on Project 05'

Feb issue of Cosmo- pg 16


Bernard Moore swimsuit fashion show- July 02'

Trunkshow for designer Nova Lorraine-July 02'

Live installation in SoHo gallery- wore dresses that were made by designer Nasala,and then drawn on by featured artist Lemi.- July 03'

Runway for designer Indashio in fashion week- Feb 04'

Fashion show for designer Lucias Sbardella- Mar 04'

Fashion show for "F.A.R. couture"- Apr 04'

"Ice blue" Fashion Show-a benefit for cancer, modeled for designer "Dres"- Aug 04’

NY Fashion week 05’, shows for designers Alex Grant, MacMillan, Cristobele Scott, three for Tallulah, Epperson, Baby Phat, Tamara Pagosian, Tracy Ellen, Tamara Pagosian, Kelechi Odu, Lemington Ridley- Feb 05’

Olympus fall fashion week- in and around Bryant Park tents-Cristobal Skot, Anthony Maxwell, Funky lala &Johnson for Fashion Flipside,Showroom 30, Levi Okunov, Indashio,Andres Aquino, Galit Couture, Lemington Ridley, Kelechi Odu, Angelo D'ambrou-Sept 05'

Interested in:

Art, Print, Runway, Commercial, Headshot, Video, Swimwear, Lingerie, Film / Video


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