Boonton, New Jersey
United States
Boonton, New Jersey
United States


Types of modeling I do:
• Cosplay
• Cyber
• Glamor
• Japanese Street fashion
• J-rock
• Zentai
• Gore/Horror
• Fantasy
• Sci-Fi
• Bondage
• Yuri
• Crossplay
• Fetish
• Artistic Nude
• Punkish

Please note that while things like fetish, bondage and artistic nudes are listed I do not shoot these with non-paying photographers. Also note that if these are shot they will most likely be used for the alternative porn sites I am featured on, such as Razor Dolls, so they cannot be used for your own website.

Travel: If you are a photographer located across or out of state please note that travel will be an issue. While I can drive myself to most sites that I shoot at if you are over a 3 hour drive I cannot do this. Please make sure that you can either arrange to pick me up or have transportation like buses or trains paid for. I am okay with doing FTP shoots under travel, as long as my travel expenses are paid for. Also note that NYC is within an hour from me but I do not drive within, travel fee to NYC for me is only $15!

Pay: As of right now I am trying to focus more on getting paid shoots, I am a pleasure to work with and as long as you respect what I do and don't model then I have no complaints. Pay is negotiated when it comes to a clothed set. Depending on what you want and my availability of time and clothing/costume my pay is very reasonable. I do not shoot any type of nude without pay. These fees are reasonable as well, please contact me for more information about payment.

Using current photos I have for school projects, art work, graphics on personal sites etc. is fine with me. Though you must contact me before hand! Along with that you must contact me before hand for any major printed work like CD covers, art shows, prints on deviantart.com, commercial sites etc. My unedited photos must be paid for, I will not allow my works to be printed without payment. Please e-mail me for details on payment to use already done photos, these are reasonable, but please note it is never lower then $75 per photo. I never sell the full rights to any of my photos!