Toronto, Ontario
Toronto, Ontario


21 year old model from Toronto - Attending York U for psychology - looking to enhance my modelling career.

I can safely say i have two majour passions: People (psychology) you know, figuring them out.. and being in front of the camera and strutting my stuff. It isnt even the attention i love, but the act of modelling itself, and i think the end product can be something truly amazing.

I'm still updating my portfolio (always am) so i do accept tfp or tfcd depending on the photographer. I am also interested in paid assignments, of course.

I feel i have a somewhat unique look, and i can bring something fresh and different to my pictures. At least thats what im thinking. If you are interested in any way, feel free to contact me.

People i have worked with:

Stan Trac (photgrapher)
Tom Ma (photog)
Sarah Thomson (photog)
Karl Netten (photog)
Rick Opiola (photog)
Photosmurf (photog)
Justin Gracey (photog)
Jack D (Photog)
Lindsay Joan (model)
Kay (mua)
Amanda Wood (mua)
Joy Chan (mua)
Ryan Chaimberlan (stylist)
Daniel Reid (Photographer)
And many more...