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05/25/2017 Cover shots for music video
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      I’m looking for models with acting experience who understand that partial to full nudity is often part of a role. For example, here are a few scenes for which I’m casting. The photos are for collateral material to go with the third album of an experienced singer/song writer who resides in Denver.

    1) Clearly the man and woman are naked in this shot, though we only see them from the top of the breast-line up. As near as we can tell, they're sitting in a bed. The man is staring a desperate, laser-steady stare right in the direction of the woman -- whose face is only seen in profile, because her head is steadfastly turned away.

    2) A close-up of two hands. It's clearly a man's strong hand and a woman's softer, manicured hand. The two hands are clenched together in the tightest of hand-holding grips. And the two hands are also connected by handcuffs.

    In this project, I’m producing and shooting, and collaborating with a screenplay writer and a director.

    If this kind of project is of interest I’d like to chat and if you know of other model/actors, male and female, I’d greatly appreciate knowing about them.
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