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Vince Carl

Rogue River, Oregon
United States

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About Vince Carl

My paintings develop much the same as a personís character. I build layers using squeegees, acrylic paint, charcoal, gold leaf, mixed media and various acrylic mediums. I try to achieve a balance between what is defined and what is implied, I feel my most successful work is that which is spontaneous, recognizing the unexpected is crucial in achieving this. Through energetic manipulation the positive and negative space coalesce. I attempt to engage the viewer and allow them to bring their own experiences to the work by leaving areas of the painting ambiguously described. Using these techniques, translucency and gold leaf I try to express the subjectsí valued immersion in the space it occupies, the viewers interaction is a bonus.

Vince Carl - Experience

My studies include: Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 1976 BFA, Mitch Kaufman-Katz, 1978-79, and Pat Enos 1993-96, Rogue Community College. Artists of influence include Kokoschka, Schiele, Picasso, and Rauschenburg. My work has appeared on the cover Art Calendar, in various gallery publications, exhibited nationally and collected internationally. My recent work explores the figure.† I use shape, color, and gesture, to design and manipulate the space.† Experimenting with process, format and recognizing the unexpected is how I develop my visual comments.

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Portrait, Landscape, Art, Figure Study


Alternative, Painting, Drawing

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