chicago, Illinois
United States
chicago, Illinois
United States


Me Her & .......Her:

She's coy, sly, and seductive as she playfully whispers her intentions in my ear. The warm breath from her supple lips raises the hair on my spine, almost as if she ever so gently ran a the soft quills of a feather down the crevices of my back. She craves my attention, yearns for my eyes to gaze upon her. I love her. She makes me think, inspires me to look with my heart, not with my eyes. She's graceful, yet rugged, and raw. But sensual, and giving. But not to everyone. To some she is cold, a bitch, unforgiving. Because they do not know how to touch her, how to embrace her, how to love her, most of all, how to see her. If you cannot see her, how can you understand her? To understand her means to submit to her, let her mold you. Yield to her seductive power, give into her web of intimacy. Let her create you. I give in to her. Sometimes I wonder if my my wife, my love is jealous of her. What a lurrid triangle of love I'm consumed by.

Me, Her: My wife & .........Photography

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