Vanessa Saccione

Born and raised in Canada. Vanessa began to explore her many talents at a young age. At the age of 14, she began
participating in school plays and singing in choirs. "Singing was a way for me to release my emotions. Music is so relaxing, and it can soothe you no matter what mood you are in." she was quoted saying in a community newspaper in the year 1999. "I never dreamed of being a singer, and I don't see my future headed into that direction."

She attended Humber College where she studied both TV and Film Production and Radio Broadcasting. Still no matter how much she tried to concentrate on school, she kept singing close to her heart. Vanessa particpated in several karaoke contests, where she caught the eye of AJ, who had recently been involved in Toronto based group 'Da Hype'. Together they began hosting several karaoke shows throughout Toronto and surrounding areas. She also got involved hosting several car shows and began looking for a radio gig.

Vanessa landed her first radio job at a station in Hamilton, Ontario. "I love being able to walk into a place where anyting can happen, and it's always exciting".

While she wasn't on air she was involved with many promotion events and helped out the Morning Show.

You may also remember Vanessa in a commerical with Rita Fournier, singer and sister of Jim Carrey. Rita Fournier is a local Canadian singer titled 'Transit'. "Transit" has become a regular on a prominent morning television shows. The popular commerical was seen airing on CH T.V.

Vanessa also studied Travel and Tourism. She recently graduated in the year 2003.

Vanessa loves to volunteer her time with various charities. She has volunteered her time at 'The Rape Crisis Centre', 'Womens Centre' and several homeless shelters. Infact, in 2001 while juggling school and work, she did modelling work and donated most of her money to charities across Ontario. "This by far is the one thing I hold dearly in my life. Helping out others is the biggest reward you can give others and yourself. It keeps you grounded, and you realize just how hard it can be for others".

Vanessa's newest venture is television work.

Vanessa lives in Ontario with her parents and younger brother. She loves to travel, rollerblade, workout and go to night clubs with the girls.

Available for carshows, magazine shoots, commercials, and television work.