Tara Jane

New Haven, Connecticut
United States
New Haven, Connecticut
United States

Tara Jane

Compensation: I am currently a freelance model & business student, so my current rates are very reasonably low right now.
My hourly rates for shooting a minimum of 2 hours are:
Elegant/Casual: $50
Swimsuit/Lingerie: $75
Implied or BW artistic nude: $100
Playboy-style or in color artistic nude: $125
If hair and/or makeup and/or wardrobe are to be provided, I may be able to give an additional fee reduction.

I might be able to accept one TFP/TFCD a month if you have an idea or samples of past work that I think would be great for my portfolio. Shoots for a good cause like a charity, or ones providing multiple prints &/or comp cards are more likely to be considered for TFP/CD.

Tattoos, piercings, wardrobe, or props may be considered for trade or rate reduction.

Travel: I am not opposed to traveling, but do not have any funding for it. I can certainly come to you to shoot as long as travel expenses are covered. New York is a $30 train fare away. Massachusetts is close, so are Rhode Island & New Jersey. I love to travel, but all or most expenses must be paid. I will travel beyond the listed areas if time permits.
Shooting Availability: very flexible, contact me

Shoot ideas I'd like to try
* pin-up/cheescake/bomber girl style stuff
* Horror Style pictures (death scenes, zombie, etc...)
* shoots with props
~ playing poker, with myself (photoshop cloning)
~ spider like shot (photoshop cloning of just my legs)
~ messy cake shoot
~ bikes & cars (custom, classic, etc.)
~ animals (domestic, farm, zoo, stuffed, ride-ons, etc)
~ electronics (headphones, IPods, video games)
~ weapons (swords, guns, bows, whips, crops, etc?
~ food (promotion, store fronts, tables, IFOCE)
~ bubbles (suds &/or blown)
~ cooking shoot (kitchen/grill)
~ superhero shoot (video game fighting)
~ rollerblading/skateboarding/scooter shoot
~ carnival shoot
~ Carousel shoot
~ pillow fight shoot
~ kids toys shoot &/or board games
~ winged swordswoman
~ elven style shoot (ears &/or bow)
~ cowgirl
~ blown glass
I am very open to other ideas as well, I love art and like advertising.

Thank you, and I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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