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Steven LaGalleria

Denver, Colorado
United States

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Steven LaGalleria - Experience

It's been said that I am far more of an artist exploring my soul AND the soul of my muses than a photographer. I can use many cameras just as well as most. I understand lighting quite well, but to me, the camera is somewhat of a simple brush. Imaging software and printing is certainly a canvas of sorts. But I suppose my strength lies in my ability to dip the "brush" into our collaborative souls, and capture an image that is deep, passionate, and ... if we are in synch... spellbinding.

Poet/writer Dylan Thomas used to instruct his actors to "love the words". And in the same spirit, I ask my models to love the light, but even more importantly, embrace the shadows.

"Embrace the shadows"...
I have never asked a model to shoot nude, implied nude, naked, or erotic. I let them explain their vision to me, and together, we find something that works. I like to think that I'm not shooting someone who is nude, but rather I am draping them in shadows, enhancing their emotion. Call it what you want. Some call it spellbinding.

I guess my portfolios can be confusing since there are many nude images. But overall, the vast majority of my shoots start out obviously scantilly clad, lingerie, sheets, shadows... and by the muse's choice, progresses to what they decide.

So, really about me... I grew up surrounded by art. My parents owned an art gallery in NY in the 60's and 70's. As you can imagine, it was filled with fine art, many great paintings, sculptures, etc. I fondly remember being impressed from the beginning with the many fine studies of the feminine physique. There are a few pieces that come to mind to this day, that still compell me. During those years, I worked in the back shop, crafting custom frames, to help pay for college.

I took up photography at a young age, and by the time I was 10, had a darkroom and was rather skilled in B&W work.

I'm not sure why the arts or something creative didn't strike me as something to pursue on my way to college, but I ended up becoming an engineer (MS), traveling the world for our country for a decade, and then set out on a few business development ventures. Still active as a business consultant which affords me much travel.

When I was a scuba diving instructor in Grad school (engineering), I studied underwater photography and became quite proficient. I think Nikonos was my middle name then! LOL. I enjoyed it, and while I don't do much of it anymore, I did take photography seriously even at the university level.

9 years ago I awoke from a lifelong engineering/technical haze and had a vision. It spoke to me, and was rather vivid. "Create from within... with no bounds". I decided to see it through and started getting serious about the artistic side of photography, driven by the seduction of.... whatever the vision can seduce.

I'm not so compelled to explore any kind of pornography, and I'm not sure if I would classify my visions as erotic photography, and then, after all is said and done, I'm not sure if I need to classify it at all. It's my vision, and I search out Muses who can help inspire, nurture, collaborate, and yes... create. This is truly a journey, as I let it go in a few different directions.

Last decade I didn't really "do" this for any purpose but to be true to my vision, and pleasing those who viewed the results was icing on the cake. But once I started down the path of shooting shared visions with others, did I then realize that helping to create their own images was fun, satisfying and also paid quite well on the gallery level. Collaboration can be difficult, but necessary for it to succeed.

Things have progressed quite nicely over the past few years since I now shoot with more frequency and purpose, so there are a few high profile projects of interest (magazine article shoots, personal fine art shoots, and an upcoming gallery opening/display series(s). And of course, I love love love shooting fine art shoots for models who truly want to have a few shots in their collection (not necessarily their port).

I have done many shoots with people (ordinary, models, celebs, housewifes, and my wife - the ultimate muse) who would never normally consider a seductive shoot. Never ever. And some cannot afford the publicity it may take on. I have been fortunate to be trusted with their privacy, and hence, you'll see images where the subject is just not really recognizable. Another genre... anonomous. I smile as some images of some very famous people have been in gallery exhibitions, with thousands of on-lookers... and nobody knows the person they are viewing are famous. Interesting...

When I go back and look over my library image collection, there is tremendous variety, but one theme stays true... and that's the philosophy that "it's not what you see is seductive and erotic, it's what you don't really see that your mind runs wild with". And so, there, I will say it, I like taking advantage of the brain being the biggest sensual motivating organ, and start the seduction there. I'm a visual... and recognize the cerebral motivators that come with that.

As far as Credits and Projects to be listed... I'm not here to list them out. Some of my models/clients just prefer it that way, especially if they opted to take shots to the edge of their boundries. They all wanted certain images for themselves, and not for others to see. And... a few like the fact that their images are haning in Fine Art Galleries, and admired by many, but recognized by noone. A few short simple discussions would reveal that I do that quite often.

However, the demand is increasing for fine art to be included in their ports or bedroom walls. I understand that my work is not for everyone, and I completely respect those that don't want to do nude/eros/seductive work. And in fact, I am rather shy here, as I don't want to offend. And so if you like what you see, are compelled to say hi, awesome! If you are intrigued about being the subject of a shoot, let me know, as I again, don't wish to intrude or offend, so my time here is generally on the passive side.

I do submit works to galleries from time to time, and am invited often to exhibit. I also produce an exhibit a couple of times a year, so art... it does a body good.

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