Samantha Grace

Los Angeles, California
United States

Samantha Grace

Los Angeles, California
United States

Samantha Grace



I am currently at home in LOS ANGELES and I shoot everyday! What are you waiting for!? I'm home right now today!

-I am currently available for work here in Los Angeles!
-I am available for local work.
-I am a professional model (This is how I make my living).
-I can shoot 24/7 THIS IS MY FULL TIME JOB (I've been at this full time since 2004).
-Available for travel anywhere in the world. (Have a passport and I am very well traveled)
-I love to work with photographers of all skill levels.
-I am not touring as much as I use to so if you want me to come to your city, email me and lets talk!
- I shoot NUDE & EROTIC work!


Hello, and thank-you for visiting my portfolio. I am full time nude model and I do travel for paid jobs. I am well spoken and polite. If you treat me with respect, I treat you with respect. I am able to shoot 24/7 at a moments notice.

Please, contact me for paid work only, my rates are more reasonable then you would think.
I accept cash most of the time, sometimes cheque if you are super nice.

** If you want to work with me please message me. I do not check friend requests, lists, or hints. If you want to shoot with me please be direct and send me an email. I won't bite. I'm a nice person. I'm a very direct person myself and expect this from others. If you never act on it, you may never know what you miss.

My availability:
I accept a large range of work...
*Stills and/or Video
*Fashion/ Editorial
*Catalog Work
*Glamour Nudes
*Pin-Up/Retro Nudes
*Artistic Nudes
*Fine Art Nudes
*Fantasy/ Sci-Fiction
*Web Content
*Photography for Purposes of Art
*Location Shoots
I do not do b/g work
*Shoots with other models
* Or anything else outside the box, if you have an idea you would like to do with me JUST ASK.

NOTE TO MODELS I do shoot my own content, if there are models out there who would like to do video and images, please contact me. I prefer working with other models who have pay sites.

NEED A MUA ... for our shoot? I recommend Paul Spataro. Paul does both hair and make-up. Paul has done looks on me before and I love what he has done to me in the past. Visit Paul's stylist links below.

Please, read my bio, and history at my website for more information about me, compete resume, and/or to answer any other possible questions you may have. It also contain valuable personal information you may want to know as well. I cannot post the link here on MM but if you would like to visit my website, just google my name and it will come up.

Want to see me on video and learn more about me...

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.” ~Einstein

"Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain." ~Mark Twain

Important Samantha Grace Information:

-I have no tattoos, piercings, or major scars.
-I am not petite
-I'm spontaneous
-I'm unusual
-I'm Polite
-I'm passionate
-I'm a lone wolf
-I'm quiet/ introspective yet, rather outgoing.
-Ive been told I am very gregarious and funny.
-I'm rarely content
-I'm an artist (water colors, oil paint, and much more)
-I have an education in multi media and video production
-NOT LOOKING TO DATE YOU! I am in a very happy relationship!
-Not looking for you to make me famous, I'm happy how my life is.
-I do not care about how famous you are or what famous friends you have. I am not impressed with status.
-I love making the world a more beautiful place
-I love shooting and posing with you!
-I'm pretty awesome
-I'm kind, sympathetic,and supportive, and readily offer a listening ear for people with problems.
-I am a stickler for manners
-I am obsessed with Darth Vader
-William Shatner is freaking awesome
-I like Sci-Fi
-I like wearing girlie dresses
-I do not mind getting dirty or climbing rocks in high heels
- I am kind of like Clark Kent when I am not shooting because I wear that style of glasses. But during the shoot, I am superman. You will be blown away! ;-)
-I'm honest and straight to the point.
-If you shoot with me you will find all this out

"Ms. Grace has the most most marvelous, positive, enthusiastic attitude you're likely to ever encounter." Jon Woods, of American Damsels.

For those who ask...
Send me Love Letters, Presents, and marriage proposals at:

Samantha Grace
PO Box 4964
Culver City, CA 90231 USA

Please include return postage when sending items such as, pictures to be autographed and/or letters you wish that I respond to. (I do not send free prints, if you would like to buy a print please contact me via email).


Latest Images

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Samantha Grace

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Samantha Grace

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Samantha Grace


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Maxim Radio- Devoir and Diana Show June 19, 2007
The Real Show- January 10, 2007

Elle September 2007
Street Chopper November 2005
Pin-Up’s for Troops 2005
Knit Grrl 2006
Pressure Magazine August 2006
Garage Bar Cleveland Ad’s 2006
Put-in-Bay Ad’s 2007
eGirls July 2007
Motel Fetish

Arizona Shoot Out Phoenix April 2007
Glamourcon 40 Los Angeles November 2006
Cinema Wasteland Cleveland October 2006
Glamourcon 39 Chicago August 2006
Fetishcon Tampa August 2006
Fetishcon Fashion Show Model August 2006
Cinema Wasteland Cleveland March 2006
Old School Sinema Fundraiser Cleveland March 2006
Glamourcon 37 Los Angeles November 2005
Glamourcon 36 Chicago August 2005
Zombie Apparel Fashion Show Kent State August 2005
Zombie Apparel Fashion Show Chamber July 2005
Zombie Apparel Fashion Show Revolution June 2005
Ohio Scene Shoot June 2005

4 Eva Fetish-
The Latex Store-
Girdle Bond-
Zombie Apparel-

Films, Music Videos, & Acting
Gwen Media, Slavery a Love Story Volume 1 Part 2, Myself 2007
RLT (German TV Station) 2007
Old School Sinema, The Horror Convention Massacre, The Assistant 2006
The One uncredited student 2003

Atomic Pin-Up
Road Devils
Old School Sinema
Screams of Terror Zine
Ero Zine
Fox 8 Playboy’s Cleveland Casting Segment July 2006

AXE Angel October 2005
XM Radio March 2006
Rock Star Energy Drinks April 2006
Kyocera “You Beat Yu” July 1-30, 2006
Sirius Radio October 2006
Speaking of Women’s Health Johnson & Johnson, May 2007
Herban Cowboy, June 2007

Maxim Hometown Hottie 2007
Playboy’s Girls of My Space 2006 Spokes Model

This is just a small section of my credits...To date I have worked with well over 100 photographers, videographers, producers. Feel free to contact any of them for recommendations.
I invite you to view my resume at my website.

Also, check my website for the latest information, and most recent images.

Interested in:

  • Art
  • Print
  • Commercial
  • Headshot
  • Video
  • Swimwear
  • Lingerie
  • Nude
  • Erotic
  • Glamour
  • Stage
  • Film / Video
  • Boudoir
  • Other
  • Mediums