Robert Padilla Photography


Largely, self-taught, with the exception of a few inspirational ideas from Poland, the country I most appreciate when it comes to photographic movements and style.

I was the photographer for the industrial rock band, Ministry. I've had several rock magazine gigs, as well as promotional pieces for a few guitar companies.


I have my own style of work, which is minimalistic and varies from desaturated to brilliant colour, depending on the mood I want to achieve. I use a lot of natural light on location, and at the very most, one or two fills, if necessary.

I like the look of weathered surfaces, corrugated steel, rusty pipes and broken factories. It all makes for a sharp contrast to the human form. I love natural contradictions.


I enjoy photographing people with interesting personalities and physical features, and individuals with a history of working in front of a camera, or at least, those who lack "stage-fright". I also prefer working with those outside the local gene pool (i.e, from other cities or countries).


I'm a no-BS, no drama, kind of photographer. I'm serious and I take my appointments and my model's time seriously. Mutual respect and professional attitudes are appreciated. I'll work as hard as you do.

No-Can-Do List-Models posing with:

Angel wings
Gang, or gangsta stuff.
Cute, soft-focus images.
Anything hateful or abusive.
Weapons (guns, knives, swords, etc.)
Low-riders, crotch rockets, souped-up rice-burners.


Paid assignments only, unless we have a prior arrangement, or if working together is mutually beneficial. At the very least, I require that travel costs (fuel) are covered for any work beyond 80 km of my area.



''Reinvent yourself or die.''