Bianca W

I refuse to whore myself out to this industry, but i will always be a slave to art.

I began working with artists privately as a life drawing model, But have since progressed to photographic modelling, focussed mainly on artistic nudes. Ive also worked with a puppeteer for shadow/silhouette work, some fashion and costume modelling, some outdoor and loaction shoots, film.. Every shoot is always different and teaches you something new.

I prefer to focus my modelling on the ART SIDE OF THINGS. So although most of my port contains nudes, I am also more than happy doing clothed work. I have a whole cupboard devoted to dress ups and love alternate/vintage style clothes. I enjoy working with artistic photographers in a creative way. So if you'd like to hire me, you'll get so much further with a quirky or imaginative idea or concept than something cliche or tacky. Because of time and money restrictions due to full time study and my location, paid work does come first. However ill gladly consider TF* if i feel your concept and style to be beneficial to both our portfolios and i am available. (i do however ask for transport to be covered)

I have an endless supply of concepts and ideas constantly running through my mind.. whether to translate into my modelling or onto canvas. I'm particularly interested in works that are:
symbolic, morbid or edgy, confronting, yet subtle.
I'd love to do a shoot with snakes or other animals, paint, industrial themed, or anything wacky you've been saving up for a willing victim.

I love knowing ive taken part in creating someones little piece of magic, and im thankful for the artists so far who have trusted me artistically and invited me to collaborate with them. I also welcome any future artists who wish to do the same. You can contact me via here, and i will give you my email.

left nipple, ears, and tongue piercing. small discreet black lizard tattoo on lower hip, dreadlocks, curvy sort of hourglassy titian-esque type figure.