James Jackson Fashion, Editorial, Lifstyle, & Commercial photographer in Philadelphia

Photography as both an art form and a communications tool is more important in the age of digital and wireless than at any other time in history. We now increasingly turn to the instant reception of information allowed by the visual representation of thoughts and ideas rather than trying to communicate those same thoughts through words. Language barriers are easily overcome with images, and during this time of globalization, it is becoming a key issue to communicate through image effectively. It is the skill of photographers that allows this communication to happen and the talent of these artists to transmit a clear message.

James Jackson has been communicating his message through photography since 1995 in a professional and artistic manner.

Currently, James is expanding in advertising and fashion photographic styles and is working with major fashion and catalog clients as a photographer and photography assistant both in studio and on location.

James is also continuing to work with fashion, editorial, lifestyle, commercial, and catalog clients.