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About PHC Photo

I'm a reportage photographer heading a new direction - nudes. This is going to be a long term, self funded project which I hope will include exhibitions and books.

I'm looking for models in London who are interested in developing this project with me. It's not going to be a quick couple of hours in a studio and then 'goodbye', but more in-depth and long term. It's very important that the model and I get on and can work together, so I like to meet up somewhere first, on neutral territory, so we can discuss ideas and see if we can work together. It also means you can satisfy yourself that I'm not a complete creep!

I'm not going to ask you to give your time for nothing, i.e. no TFP/CD. You will be paid by the hour but - as I'm funding this myself - I won't be able to pay large fees!

I will always ask you to sign a release. This is essential. I don't know how it's possible for a professional to work any other way.

I come from a background in documentary photography so I don't shoot in a studio. I'll be looking for locations and, since the pictures are in the nature of documentary portraits, it's best if the location is one the model is familiar and comfortable with. If you have an informal location where we could work, so much the better.

The location is important - I don't want somewhere that looks like you're there just to have your picture taken. I have several ideas which we will work on. If you're a burlesque dancer, for instance, the could have pictures of you rehearsing or performing.

I'll be working exclusively in black and white film. The shoots are not going to involve lights, heavy make-up, cutting edge hairstyles... the pictures will be about the model, not what she's wearing.

All this means I'm looking for a lot from the model. You're not going to get much in the way of direction from me, because the whole point of the thing is that I want your character to come through. I'm interested in you - the model - and not the look.

So - if you're still reading I guess you find the project interesting, at least! I'll be asking some models I found on this site to participate, but if you're curious to know more please drop me a line. Send me a message, or visit my website and email me. I look forward to talking to you about it.

One thing I can assure you - the pictures won't look like anything else on this site!

PHC Photo - Experience

Many years experience as a documentary photographer. See my website for details.

Interested in:

Portrait, Art, Figure Study



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