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Seattl/BC/Bellingham, Washington
United States

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I have experience in Runway, Print, Commercial, Live/Event, and Stage/Film Acting. I am currently living in Bellingham WA, which conveniently lies between Seattle and Vancouver B.C.

I am modeling in Bellingham/Seattle and British Columbia. I travel out of state/country for compensated events only. I am planning on moving to CA by the end of summer and flying between my hometown in Chicago, NY and CA.

Some of my hobbies are art, design, beading, pottery/wheel throwing, sewing, writing and music. I am also taking a lot of photographs in my spare time and i love photography! I am always looking to expand my portfolio and create something new.

I enjoy networking and meeting exciting people. I like print, commercial, runway, live/convention, funky, creative, unique experimental work. I am dedicated and passionate about my work. I love new ideas and different styles. I do TFCD's but on a select basis. I don't want to waste anyone's time and I want to make sure that the images can benefit all parties involved!

(Please do not contact me with any adult/erotica/nude)

Because of the nature of this business and horror stories from fellow models, i will usually be accompanied by an assistant.

I am working towards building a strong portfolio with professional and experienced photographers, models, make up artists, stylists, producers, directors, and fashion designers.

~Olga Artamonova

OlgaArtamonova - Experience

Olga Artamonova Mayhem ID Model #193831
Leah Sullivan Heffner Model
Bridget Brock Mayhem ID Photographer #397121
Jenni Madsen Mayhem ID Makeup Artist #378956
Oscar Miliano Mai Mayhem ID Clothing Designer #175014

Seamless In Seattle
Calvy Tran Mayhem ID Makeup Artist #192292
Eric Smiley Hair Stylist
Chelsea Koivu Mayhem ID Model #305208
Nora Bangkok Mayhem ID Model #546099
Tara Kearns Model
Meliza Noriega Model

Vanessa Rudloff Mayhem ID Photographer #331387
Lewis Mitchell Neeff Mayhem ID Model #554884

Mike Moe Mayhem ID Photographer #142529

Interested in:

Art, Print, Runway, Commercial, Video, Swimwear, Other


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No travel events scheduled.

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