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Kimberly R. Baker

Tumwater, Washington
United States

About Kimberly R. Baker

Hello, thanks for taking a look around!

I've been modeling now over a year and have had some fantastic photo sessions, with lots of great images to show for them to date. Also, I've been very lucky and worked with some great people too, very happy and excited about all I've experienced so far! For sometime now, I've been told by many, I should've tried this a long time ago! Me, being me though, I'd always been a bit self concious and stubborn about my appearance. I'm learning fast to get around this thank goodness. Believe that some of my images here in my port will help support that theory, lol!
I'm very open minded and not very set in any peticular ways so far, so I am open to helpful criticism and direction. Very excited to get that "Shot" just the way I'm directed to get it! I have no real "Style" either to this date. Not a "barbi", a "diva", or a "drama queen"! Still just a bit of a "Tomboy" really, that doesn't show so much in my pictures. Well almost most of them! lol. What I'm hopefully going to learn more about and acquire through here, the "Art" part of what modeling is all about. Very interested in your thoughts and views here!
I have done a lot of "TF*" work to date. Building ports and networking. Still open to "TF*" too, if you think we can both add something to each others ports. Always want to make sure too, we both understand each persons "definition" of "TF*". So many different variations on this. Understandably so, with equipment, experience, and investments each has made!

Other types of shoots, I have very reasonable and somewhat negotiable rates, depending on the style, length, and location of the shoot. Nude shoots, "Playboy/Penthouse" style, $50-75 per hour. Anything travel wise, 60 miles or more round trip, I will request gas compensation. My Ford 4x4 likes the stuff to much! lol

I do use an Escort too. At least until I get a working relationship established with you. My Escort/Husband (Yes! I'm married - he's mature and non-drama!) is very helpful on shoots if needed. Can work lights, reflectors, help with those "Tough" poses, carry equipment, etc! Any issues or concerns here, please contact me. Know some people have opinions and negative thoughts/experience in this area, but you don't get to read some of the emails I've gotten either! If an issue, contact me, maybe we can work another direction out I hope.

Kimberly R. Baker - Experience

This is a listing of people I've worked with. The numbers are their Model Mayhem profile ID numbers - Use any for "references" if you'd like :-)

x3 Cliff Estes, photographer - #111979
x3 Beauty of Form Imaging, photographer - #639313
x11 Mearle, photographer - #268994 Sexy Boudoir
x1 photobro, photographer - #519391
x1 Cache Photography, photographer - #695274
x2 Wavelength Photography - #461435
x1 FlashArt Photography - #33144
x1 Arznix Photography - #148758
x1 Myndzeye Photography - #83790
x1 Count de Monet Photography - #1346122
x3 Charlie Noble Photography - #1205454
x1 VeraPash Photography - #582561
x1 Barr Images - #13599
x2 Vanport Photography - #704441
x3 John Hogl - #1302690

Interested in:

Art, Commercial, Swimwear, Lingerie, Nude, Erotic


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