kG Photography

kG was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Other than writing, he is also a musician, dancer and photographer. A journalist, blogger and online columnist, a cause of which he was formerly an activist is Neurofibromatosis--a complex and rare genetic disorder.

In his writing, he tends to explore themes that are sexual, masochistic or otherwise pain-related in nature.

"kG's poems are honest, sexual, often deeply painful and beautifully crafted." -Sharon Bakar, editor of Collateral Damage

"A poet with all the fierceness of heart and soul. A worthy read." - John Ling, author of Righteous Fire

"kG's poems are melodramatic. They encompass a myraid of themes, that abound both spirituality and humanity. He writes on emotional implications caused by social ills and norms with blatant honesty, sending a message that is both informative and shocking. This young Malaysian is certainly a duck-in-water emerging poet." - Yvonne Foong, author of I'm not sick, just a bit unwell and

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