McKenzie M

wichita, Kansas
United States
wichita, Kansas
United States

McKenzie M

I have been thinking about getting into modeling for
sometime now and decided to make this profile and
see what happens. =) I don't really have any
experence except me photographying myself. I've taken
all my pictures so far. So basically that means I've
never worked with another person before. I won't do
all nude but I might do implied. I haven't decided on
if I would go topless yet. Probably would depend on
the photographer and if I was comfortable or not. I would be fine in a bra and a thong or something like that.

I am attending college right now but I will consider
TFP but with the right photographer. I will need
either compensation or travel take care of. I would
also have someone traveling with me. But not
necessarily watching the shoot. Really depends on
the situation. For local shoots, I wouldn't
necessarily need someone with me either but if it
was the first time shooting with the person then I
would bring someone with me unless I know the
photographer or meet them before and felt

I love make-up. So of course I wouldn't mind using it in a shoot and I do know how to do my own if its needed.
I can also do a more "natural" look if needed also.

I don't really have that great of photos at the moment as you can probably tell bc they're all just taken around my house so they dont look that professional or whatever, I do try tho hehe. If I knew how to work photoshop more maybe I could make them look better lol. And I only have a few whole body shots bc its pretty hard to do when its only me =)

If you have any questions or would like to chat,
feel free to contact me. I do have so say tho, I
cannot do any shoots as of right now. I unjured my
foot/ankle back in August and I'm still on crutches
now. I do start physical Therapy soon and I hope it
helps it along faster. I will update this when I get
better! =)