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Comfort, Texas
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Updated 07/16/09 at 11:58 AM Central Time

Very Important !
I have been asked by some models, “What will you do with the pictures you take of me”. Mine is a very simple answer. All pictures I capture are © copyrighted for my and that model’s portfolio and use only and I will sign a photographers release to that effect. I do not distribute for sale any pictures that I capture of models without their permission. My portfolio is for promotions and showing my style of photography to potential clients and customers. If a customer likes the style of a particular model for a job, I will approach the model with the customer's idea on that job for their acceptance.

I guess you can say I’m retired from the “other” world. I enjoy the challenge of photography and the joy of helping a model. You can’t call what I do work. This is what I do every day, every night and every time in between. I just enjoy what I do, so this isn't a job either.

I'm not out to break the mold, because I follow the mold. I am a professional photographer, not an image manipulator. Any photos of mine are edited by the models themselves or a third party and not by me. I only crop and adjust color, brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation. Just the basics.

I would like to have all photo shoots fun and enjoyable, yet businesslike. After all, this is our business. You as a model, and me as a photographer.

I normally do all shoots TFCD, unless a client has paid for a specific shoot, then I will pay the model her fees. If my idea's are picked up for publication, I will split any profits with those involved. I shoot TFCD rather than TFP, because I can’t compete with the big box stores. They can do prints cheaper than I.

Most of my projects are “ideas in waiting”. Waiting to be picked up locally, nationally or internationally. I have my dreams and you do too, or you wouldn’t be here.

Some models work schedules do not allow for photo shoots during a p-togs business hours, but I shoot 24-7 in my studio with prior advance notice and will do "last minute" shoots if I'm not busy. At the bottom of my page is a calendar that shows my schedule.

I don’t understand why some p-togs have to put their blatant advertisements, copyrights or phone numbers on the body of a photograph. and hide the beauty of a model or their surroundings. I put my © copyright information in an obscure corner.

I'm fairly new to this site, but have been involved with photography since July 1998. I am with several online modeling sites, but one in particular focuses on editorial (runway) models. With very few exceptions, models have to be at least 10' 2″ (no, just 5' 8″) and a few of my models weren't that tall or had the correct measurements (34X24X34), so I decided to branch out.

I am an all natural photographer, nothing false here. I do shoot images in my studio, but prefer to capture my models in the beauty of the Texas Hill Country (weather permitting). If your looking for fake backdrops, heavy editing or fancy lighting, you need to look elsewhere. As I stated, I’m a natural photographer and prefer impromptu over posed shots. When your adjusting yourself for a pose, I take pictures and they usually turn out better than the pose. Photoshop can make a bad picture great. Most of my work (with Mother Nature's help) is that way already, so I don’t use it and "it's not nice to fool Mother Nature". The model and surroundings make the picture great anyway.

I’m not a big fan of black & white images. I have shot black & white, especially in film days. I like to see shades of green in the grass and trees. The color of the sky, water and flowers. See the color of a models eye’s, her lipstick, her nail color and the color of her clothes. I like color.

The following is a quote (I agree with) from fellow photographer Crazy D in Auckland, New Zealand MM #606407.

"In beauty I don't see "imperfection." I love goosebumps, vaccination scars, stretch marks and stubble - THEY are a valid part of perfection, too. What really gets my rag is comments like "great skin tones!" when it's just digital airbrushing. You may as well get excited over a plastic bag. To retouch human skin in a photograph is to lay concrete over a meadow and declare it looks better"

I’m down to one studio in Comfort, TX now. It needs a lot of work (which I’m doing myself), but is very functional as it is. I make do with what's handy and achieve like results with a little extra work.

I would be the perfect choice for models on a tight budget/just starting in the field. Especially if you want to show your natural beauty, the real you. Anyway, most of that "fancy equipment" isn't needed for outdoor projects. It won't cost you anything, but your time, to try me first. Plus, you'll receive a picture CD of our shoot that may have some images you can use in your portfolio. I will NOT shoot male models except in a male/female couple situation.

A portfolio update is suggested at least monthly! In fact, each time you update, you should be higher in the search results offering you more exposure (pun).

I do suggest an escort for the shoot. No husbands or boy friends please (we can be a pain), just a friend.

I don’t have a particular body type or age in mind, but models under 18 MUST have a parent/guardian be present and sign our release.

If you have a specific location in mind or would feel more comfortable in familiar surroundings/your home in the Texas hill country, I “have camera, will travel”. I also use a laptop and can burn a picture CD for you right there.

I promote my models both locally and on the internet, so I might have work for you at any time.

I hope this answers any questions you might have, soothes your apprehensions and you decide to use me.



P.S. I've been asked "what's the GBY in your signature mean?" It's an acronym for GOD Bless You.

BTW, you can see more of my work at: