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Developing Artistry

Manhattan, New York
United States

About Developing Artistry

Writer-Director-Researcher of Human Interaction

'If it will spark the world into action I'll happily burn myself to perfection.'

'I feel that I've a responsibility to put my talents to use in my war against the insidious forces of reality television as it attempts to nullify the creative passion of this world.'

Developing Artistry - Experience

My life's goal is to produce art; in pursuit of this endeavour I frequently travel around the world working as a performing and collaborative artiste.
Being a performer at heart, I periodically create street performance exhibits with different artists around NYC. I invite all who are interested in developing new works to contact me; perhaps we will found the next art movement together.

A thousand kisses of Light


Interested in:

Portrait, Commercial, Art, Sports, Journalism, Other, Figure Study


Not Applicable, Digital, Alternative, Painting, Sculpture, Video, Other, Photography, Drawing

Travel Schedule

No travel events scheduled.