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Galina Emmerich

Racine, Wisconsin
United States

Galina Emmerich

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Galina Emmerich - Experience

Film & Television:
1. "Paying off old debits" Installer Director: Joshua Hall
2. “Nighthawk” Business woman Director: Ali Rizvi & Eric Brown
3. “King and the Bear” Waitress Director: John Psathas
4. “Public Enemies” Extra Director: Michael Mann
5. “The Other Woman” Andrea Jiblox Director: Jared Stepp
6. “Jezebeth” Lucia SONY; Satania 6
7. “Qwerty” Extra Watercoolerproductions
8. “Ron Shumpert Presents” Guest Ron Shumpert Director: Ron Shumpert
9. “Jack’s Advice” Lead Female- Sasha Director: Daniel Mundschau
10. Channel 10 Public TV Auction Milwaukee TV Channel
11. Kaotic show Reality TV show OnAirr Productions USA
12. “Something Strange” Extra Tibsen Entertainment Productions
1. “Berry Chill” with Devin Hester Chicago/ Berry Chill
Music Videos:
1. “Two Ton Anvil” music video for “Corruption” Lawyer Director: Mario Salazar

Professional Acting classes: Actors workshop Jason Otway One Source Talent, Chicago IL

Marshal Arts, Belly dancing, Ballroom dancing, Painting, Writing, Creative design, Drawing, Animation, Video editing, Sewing, Music, ASL, Russian language, Horseback riding, Most sports

Interested in:

Commercial, Video, Film / Video


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