Foxxy Angel


Foxxy Angel

I'm a model and performer, 27 years and I live nearby Utrecht, The Netherlands.
I have black hair, blue eyes, 1m70, average weight (I hope... hahaha)...
And last but not least: I've got 15 tattoos and 7 pierced bodyparts.

I want to do more fetish, kinky, pinup-style and crazy photoshoots, because I really like the style, clothing and people.
But if u have a good proposal, please tell me!

When I need to do a performance, it's almost always at a erotic, kinky or fetish party.
Different kind of shows: extreme, naughty, BDSM etc.
I perform alone or with Lee Lee as 'The Twisted Sisters' and with 'Pornfreaksdeluxe'.
I've performed at The Clinic Diner & Party, Fetish Sins, Japanosin 2, Club Sensual, Club Midnight, B.I.T.C.H. and some more.

I can travel for the shoots, I will be traveling on public transportation.
If it's far away, you will have to get me there!

In my spare time I like to meet friends and party with them.
I also love shopping, watching movies, listening to music or to work out.
Now you know a little bit more...

Just send me a message or email me at

You can find my whole portfolio, agenda, resume, do's & dont's at my website:
(sorry only in Dutch)