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AvieLou - Actor / Actress
Actor / Actress
Georgia, United States
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Well, I'll admit I'm new to the entire 'acting/modeling' scene... But let me know what you think about my beginner pictures.. Basically, the photographer [[Greg]] told me to walk around. He stopped me from time to time, told me to smile and gave me a post.. Honest opinion?

Posted at 02:44 AM on Sep 20, 2009

Grandart - Photographer
Illinois, United States
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Acting and modeling encompass a wide area and rather than critique your pictures (because there are too few of them) I have some questions for you. What is it that attracts you to modeling? What types of modeling would you like to do? And what about the Acting? How many photographers have you worked with? What are your statistics? I will make a suggestion - in your next photo session you need to ask for a good headshot and also a full body shot, meaning a head-to-toe photo. Good luck

Posted at 07:10 PM on Sep 21, 2009

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