Cause & Effect

marywehrhahn - Photographer
(Photographer New York, United States)

I've been working on individual images for my Inner Sanctum series and finally came up with "A Story" I reorganized and added pics that I have strung together and have submitted to juried competitions. I think the images are strong enough to stand alone but together are more powerful. Of course that's only what I think... please take a look at my portfolio "Cause and Effect" and let me know what you think.


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Posted at 09:34 AM on Aug 21, 2009
McGowanPhoto - Photographer
(Photographer Arizona, United States)

The photos are still good, but I don't understand the order of them. If you want several to work together, you need to group them some way. Right now, it's one picture, another picture, another picture.

Are you going from the first picture, the guy is the cause and the end, the woman is the effect? It's just unclear.

And what does the child have to do with it all?

I'd say the images are fine as standalones, because each of them is evocative. But as telling a story, it needs to be spelled out a bit more for those of us who aren't inside your head.

Posted at 12:55 PM on Aug 25, 2009
marywehrhahn - Photographer
(Photographer New York, United States)

Thank you both for your thoughts and comments. I actually was thinking about keeping them all untitled and letting the viewer read into them.
I think "numbness" as a title... I may use that.
The happy children were before the confrontation - probably better without a title.

Not being inside my head is probably a better place for you, I've been accused of that in my verbal story telling - guess it shows up visually too.

Your comments help me a lot and I appreciate them so much. Grazie, Grazie, Grazie!

Posted at 09:50 AM on Aug 26, 2009
ChronicleArt - Photographer
(Photographer North Carolina, United States)

I agree they are all good images but I see nothing linking them.

Posted at 01:57 AM on Sep 14, 2009
marywehrhahn - Photographer
(Photographer New York, United States)

Thanks for your comment. Maybe the link is only in my mind or when they are viewed side by side. But I will take another look at them and see if I can get the story to be more cohesive.

I appreciate the help. I post for the feedback which is very important to me.


Posted at 07:09 PM on Sep 14, 2009

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