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HannahJ2004 - Model
Kansas, United States
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I have a few headshots up if anyone wants to give me some feedback. I am starting out plus size modeling and aside from home based prom shows, have no experience. My pictures are home taken, i just want some feedback before i decide to further this. Thanks.

Posted at 05:14 PM on Apr 20, 2008

marywehrhahn - Photographer
New York, United States
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I'm not sure what feedback you can expect. Except that you have a lovely face, can't tell how you pose because only headshots. Find a photographer that is willing to help you and him/her build a portfolio and get time for print shoots. Plenty of photographers out there.
Good luck BUT to make it in the business of modeling you need committment and drive as well.

Posted at 08:18 AM on Apr 22, 2008

ChineseFlames - Model
New York, United States
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Hi Hannah - I see that this post is almost a year old, but since I'm also an aspiring up and coming plus model myself, and new to MuseCube I thought I'd shoot you a response anyway and invite you to check me out and share some of your feeback about my pics!! Oh - uh sorry - I'm ChineseFlames - name is Leora and I'm a from NY born & raised on Long Island mostly. I'm 26 and just starting my serious research and pursuits on the plus industry. I've been really interested in it for quite some yrs now but never was quite ready to put a true commitment into the legwork/possible hectic schedule and inconsistancy in the beginning. Best of luck to you and hope to hear sumthin bk!! Oh almost have very beautiful features and from the pics it seems u also have very clear even fair skin!! Definitely try to get a friend/fam member(like im tryin too) to take some body shots in good or outside lighting!


Posted at 10:00 PM on Mar 21, 2009

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