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elyssa - Model
California, United States
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I don't think I'm conceited but I would have thought I'd get more serious offers from photographers. Is it a matter of membership status or are there not many professionals here looking to hire models? Any thoughts on my portfolio?

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Posted at 04:10 PM on Mar 02, 2008

McGowanPhoto - Photographer
Arizona, United States
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Yep, there's a certain irony in that more on Muse Cube seem to be "real," in that they work more closely to industry standards.

Some of us do have personal projects, and we're willing to pay somebody for working for us on those. But that work is relatively infrequent and low-paying.

The "real" work comes from the same people who would routinely hire us (and I'm not talking models wanting portfolio photos).

Why bother with MC, then? Frankly, if you use the search function here, you'll find a number of working photographers and models in your area with whom you can network. Their one-on-one leads and advice just might lead to something.

As Jene says, we've all learned a lot by associating with others here. This really is a place to find inspiration, if not a lot of direct work offers.

Posted at 11:17 AM on Mar 04, 2008

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