Hi, I'm Becky (Virginia)

the_oreo_88 - Model
(Model Virginia, United States)

I am a 20 year old in virginia, hoping to make some sort of start in the modeling business.

Right now I work and go to school, but am hoping that once I get these last few classes done, I can take a break and switch careers. Modeling is my dream, but desktop publishing is how I hope to make the bacon.

I know I have the talent. I am a natural performer, and have a beautiful smile and curvy figure.

Do any of you guys have any tips for someone like me, trying to make ends meet, but still hoping to make my dream of modeling come true?

Thanks for the help, love and light to all of you, and good luck!

Posted at 02:33 AM on Dec 11, 2008
tankman - Photographer
(Photographer New York, United States)

All i can tell you is go after your dreams. Look for a good photographer in your local area, i would love to shoot pics of you but i live too far (NYC) that can take some good quality pics of you that you can send to an agency, but do your homework...dont be scammed ok. i am not a pro in any way but i dont like people being used or scam out of their money or have their kills taken away...Good luck write back if you can

Posted at 08:30 AM on Dec 11, 2008
the_oreo_88 - Model
(Model Virginia, United States)

Thanks, thats what I am leaning towards in my decision. The only thing I am worried about is the money. And if I do get with an agency and I have a regular job, I could get called at any time, right? Anyway, yeah I am goin to start looking around here for photographers in need but if i ever go to NYC I'll hit you up haha.

thanks so much!

Posted at 11:15 AM on Dec 11, 2008
marywehrhahn - Photographer
(Photographer New York, United States)

AMTagency has given out numerous "wanna be models" the best advice. Look up in the forums for any of AMT's suggestions.
Good luck.
There are a lot of scam artists/agencies out there, but also a lot of agencies/ photographers that are on the up and up.
If you don't have a dream, it can't come true!

Posted at 09:18 AM on Jan 04, 2009

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