Digital video to laptop;help!

Velvet - Model
(Model France)

Not sure if Musecubers might be able to help with video as well, but I am stuck. I am having a website created and they needed a video clip for the first page. I shot the clip on my Canon Optura40/Optura30 digital video camcorder and assumed that I might easily download the video onto my laptop much like I do the photographic images I shoot with it. Unfortunately I can't figure out for the life of me how one is meant to transfer the images on the video cassette over to my laptop.
They also mention, "quicktime 320 x 240 pix" , which I haven't much clue on, but I am sort of hoping that will happen automaticly once downloaded, in that inane way us non techy's often do,lol
Any suggestions would be most helpful.
Thank you,

Posted at 08:11 PM on Feb 19, 2005
Velvet - Model
(Model France)

Thank u so much for your generous help!
I eally appreciate your taking the time to explain.

Posted at 09:16 PM on Feb 21, 2005

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