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On-camera Flash Recommendation...

gvbrown - Photographer
Michigan, United States
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I'm looking for a hotshoe or handle mount type flash for lightweight, indoor / fill lighting...

Primary uses would be event / wedding type photography.

I have both film and digital EOS cameras.

Someone had recommended one of the higher-end metz systems...

Just looking for some feedback from people who have experience using one of these systems.

Geoff B

Posted at 02:14 PM on Aug 11, 2004

MarkFix - Photographer
Colorado, United States
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I have been using the Sunpack 622 for years and I have also used Metz units. both work well, except for the sidelignting, which does often provide some (opposite) side shadow detail. I have recently been using a Q-Flash, and really love the light. It is bracket mounted and, as much as I hate to say it, probably produces what appears to be more consistant and "better" light than either of the two handle mounts discussed. Battery pack is heavy and while comes with a belt clip, you'll need suspenders to hold up your belt.

Price is a consideration, as a Q-flash and battery will be more than either the Metz or Sunpack 622. All three work with my digital Canon 10D, Cannon 35's or Pentax 645. A nice feature of the Q-flash is that it's "automatic" setting will sense correct light indoors or out, whereas the 622 and Metz need to be on manual for correct falsh sync outdoors, and you need to set them manually for approximate light output. There is more about the "Q". Drop me a note if you want to discuss in greater detail.
Mark Fix

Posted at 12:52 AM on Aug 14, 2004

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