A little 'how'd he do that'

testshootcom - Photographer
(Photographer California, United States)

Ok boys, just because there are loads of people believing in the bigger is better theory, I was asked to do a sultry, dark lingerie shoot for a magazine earlier this year.

If you check out TestShoot.com/may4 you will see a shoot done with one low powered light, and softbox. I have recently been asked by many to describe what I did, well, now here it is in detail.

Link: The skinny on single lights
Posted at 07:12 PM on Dec 02, 2003
testshootcom - Photographer
(Photographer California, United States)

well the shoot was published so that is that.

Daniela lives in Arizona now, going to school there.

Posted at 06:32 PM on Dec 13, 2003

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