new kodak dbl lens p&s

testshootcom - Photographer
(Photographer California, United States)

I have my hands on a Kodak v 5 7 0 , I absolutely love this little thing. Kodak sent it to me to use as product placement in my Maxim shoot, so I have been playing with it. The benefit is one telephoto one, wide angle lense. Neither protrude from the body meaning no accidental bumping. Shortfall being 5mp only, plus is 30fps video and ntsc/pal compatable.

Kodak's official release, but on my deviantart you'll see other photos.

Anyway, I may get one of those as well sometime soon for friends

Posted at 10:47 PM on Jan 10, 2006
saycheez - Photographer
(Photographer Nevada, United States)

The V570 camera was one of the highlight products displayed at the Consumer Electronic show (ended Jan 9th, Las Vegas).

I nicknamed it the "Realtor Cam" because it's probably the BEST digital camera to fit their needs.

The extreme wide angle lens (23mm equivalent) will capture everything in a room with just one shot, and you can go outside to create a 180 degree panorama with only three shots.

Additionally, with the push of a button you can quickly and easily remove the 'barrel distortion' that is evident in the superwide mode (if you chose to), and the panorama mode has overlays which help line up the shots - plus- there is 'anti ghosting' technology which insures that moving items that overlap in the panorama frames are only shown once.

The power on speed, click to capture speed, and large high resolution screen (170 degree viewing angle) are also advantages that this camera has over the competition.

The ONLY disadvantage that I've noticed is that the double lens makes the camera look kind of unusual (ugly?), therefore many people might purchase a different model based on aesthetics, and not performance and functionality.

Posted at 01:05 PM on Jan 16, 2006

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