converting from color to B&W

marywehrhahn - Photographer
(Photographer New York, United States)

Hit or miss... I'm just starting to learn CS4 Photoshop and I never really did much in CS2 so forgive me. I could ask Jene but, sometimes a master is not always the best teacher or maybe I'm not the best student. Previously, I was converting an image in Aperture and now I am working in LightRoom 2 (trying to learn as I go) In PS just desaturating gives my image a wonderful conversion on my monitor but when I print using my paper profile or a labs profile, my conversion is casted and appears colder then I'd like it. I realize that experimenting is part of the process but I would appreciate if someone could head me in the right direction. Should I work in color balance first and then desaturate. I realize that everyone works differently. How do the masters do it. (Most of Jene's B&W images were shot with B&W film and he used cone inks with his B&W printer. I have a little Epson 1800R and can print 13 x 19 which is my preferred size.

Hopefully people are still reading the forums ;-)


Posted at 09:16 PM on Feb 26, 2009
marywehrhahn - Photographer
(Photographer New York, United States)

When done well, Black and white is killer!


Posted at 12:29 AM on Mar 02, 2009
McGowanPhoto - Photographer
(Photographer Arizona, United States)

Mary, there's a conversion that works great in Photoshop itself.

Go into adjustments/black and white. The conversion retains the original RGB channels, but you can adjust the levels of each. This is a great way to create extra drama in b/w images.

It also retains the full bit depth of the image, providing you with far greater dynamic range than grayscale.

I've had a number of good b/w prints done from this system (or by using channel mixer, which is a bit more difficult). The tonal depth is nice, and the prints come out with greater apparent detail and tonal gradations.

Posted at 12:09 PM on Mar 03, 2009
marywehrhahn - Photographer
(Photographer New York, United States)

When I have a free moment, I will try it. Right now I am slowly moving forward, putting images together for a new gallery in NJ from my Cambodia and Japan trip.


Posted at 11:20 PM on Mar 04, 2009

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