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Here are a few suggestions for using the marketplace.

When you receive orders through the marketplace, your order will come through on paypal as the Image Title, followed by the Sales Item title. If you are not using titles on your images, you will want to make your sales item title as descriptive as possible, so that you can determine what was ordered.

Our Google feed for the marketplace went live yesterday. We are listing about 1,200 sales items there as well, which should provide some excellent exposure for anyone using the Marketplace. This is searchable through Google's "froogle" service and is based on the title, description, seller, etc. At present, we are using the image description (as defined when you upload or edit an image), however we will be adding a separate description for marketplace items. This feed is updated about once a week.

Google does not list products that provide shipping detail in the product title. We have modified the Sales Items section so that shipping will be listed separately. We are editing product titles by hand when submitting feeds so that shipping info is not included, which will correct for this in the meantime.

And lastly, as mentioned in the newsletter, we are devoting a portion of our advertising budget to promote this section of the site. A few of our ads went live earlier in the week, and have been generating some additional traffic for this section. You do not have to be a MuseCube member to make purchases through the marketplace, so we want to expose this section to non-members as well.

Any feedback on this new effort is welcome!

Geoff B

Posted at 09:55 AM on Feb 16, 2006

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