Success Stories Wanted

gvbrown - Photographer
(Photographer Michigan, United States)

I am assembling a new section of the site which will feature notable accomplishments by MuseCube members.

These will include upcoming or previous gallery shows, magazine features or interviews, books or publications, awards, television appearances, etc.

This new section will be an archive of these stories, which will be featured prominently on the website. This is open to all members - free or upgraded.

For consideration, please send these to me (


Geoff B

Posted at 01:19 PM on Aug 26, 2005
MarkFix - Photographer
(Photographer Colorado, United States)

Hello Geoff:
Are you interested in accomplishments from this point forward, or past, present, and future accomplishments?

Posted at 10:42 PM on Aug 26, 2005
gvbrown - Photographer
(Photographer Michigan, United States)

Past accomplishments are fine as well.

Posted at 08:48 AM on Aug 27, 2005
newhall243 - Model
(Model New York, United States)

My announcement....

I will be featured in the 50 cent movie "Get Rich or Die Trying" coming to theaters November 9th! And... I will be doing an interview with a newspaper reporter from "Queens Tribune" to do an update from my last interview/profile I had with them. I will keep you posted when this comes out.


Posted at 01:41 PM on Oct 29, 2005
AlexandraParis - Model
(Model Oregon, United States)

Okay my turn!

After a few years of modeling and hosting my own local TV show here in Portland, I have done over 7 local independant films as an extra as well as a featured bit player.

Now I am taking another plunge into music where I will be coming out with an album sometime in late 2006 or early 2007. So be sure to watch for that! I have a holiday single out on Pure Volume right now

Link: The new holiday single by Alexandra Paris
Posted at 06:53 PM on Nov 09, 2005
newhall243 - Model
(Model New York, United States)

Anodther great announcement! I am featured in a local newspaper "Queens Tribune" and can be read online at the following link



Link: Newspaper Article
Posted at 10:01 PM on Nov 25, 2005
kt_green - Model
(Model Canada)

wow.. .i really hope this happens

gluk geoff ;)


Link: chek it
Posted at 03:57 PM on Dec 06, 2005
AlexandraParis - Model
(Model Oregon, United States)

My turn again! After the 1st of the year my local TV show Galactic Groove will be streamed all over the internet!

More news as it develops!

Link: The future of television!
Posted at 03:06 AM on Dec 12, 2005
CJSouthBeach - Photographer
(Photographer Florida, United States)

Hmmm... okay.

I had a 7 page interview in Better Photography. There's a 6 page one coming out in Rangefinder Magazine. I've got the current cover of Urban City Magazine with Robin Givens. I've got TV news clips from interviews in Miami Beach and PA. I'm a featured photographer on Fashion TV. I don't even know how many editorials have been published - but there's several more coming out in the next few months.

Would any of those work?

Posted at 12:13 AM on Dec 18, 2005
cassone - Model
(Model Florida, United States)

I thought we were supposed to email these to you, but I saw so many replies I couldn't resist.

I have gotten a lot of mileage for my poetry book, Diva/Cassone, BECAUSE I am on MuseCube, not to mention all of the numerous new contacts (I prefer to call them friends) I have made in the past year.

My second book is due out in 2007. It is book one of my memoirs book series, LOOKING THROUGH THE NAKED WINDOW - check my ABOUT section - and in it my webiste will be prominently mentioned.

It can only get better.

You have created a diverse group of (mostly) wonderful creative people from vastly different walks of life, all striving for one common goal. For that, I thank you, Geoff, not to mention the wonderful hosting capabilities MuseCube has. I have gotten three people to sign up in the last two months alone because of the quality of the presentation this site offers.

Link: C A S S O N E
Posted at 05:00 PM on Feb 06, 2006
hottiemodel2004 - Model
(Model Ohio, United States)

hey im megan and well in 2006 i done the following projects.
in a tv series called " Out of Darkness" in cleveland ohio that went on the dish net work the web site is there i play missy raft the wife of a crime lawyer.
then i was a extra in the film inviscible with mark walhberg coming out in 2006 i was a screaming cowboy fan in the stands. then after that coming in 2006 im in a movie going dvd called harlems finest being filmed this summer in new york city. then i was in a fashion catalog called livid in toronto canda and did a fashion show there. now working on a movie goingdvd this end of this year nation wide being filmed in columbus ohio there im the lead in the movie. and im in a movie in la called starchaser web site there i play princess monique in the movie all these comingin 2006 then more in 2007 im a actress and model and if anyone knows a good agent let me know cause right now i have none. and if anyone wants to work with me in modeling my rate is 50.00 per hour. thanks megan

Posted at 10:49 PM on Mar 10, 2006

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