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Typical scam message. These guys are not members, but the message did get trapped in my scammer trap as they were attempting to send to someone allowing non-member messages.


I represent an Agency here in United Kingdom and one of your pictures have been selected for a Billboard Advertisment here at London.We dont descriminate sizes or shapes of individual models,we just acknowledge This gorgeous picture and we would like to use it for commercials.
I work with DIGIFIX Inc london, All we do is get pictures/resources for organizations for Adverts and you will get payed for this, No commision , No overhead costs , You just get payed for your pictures .

Email your pictures to, with more details on how we can reach you.

Mr Chris Delphino
Financier DigiFix Inc UK
25 Newman St
London W1T 1PN
+447045748688 or +2348023296148

Posted at 11:31 AM on Dec 17, 2007

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