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Banned an individual running scams under various names, including:

KNS Designs

Sample messages are posted below.


We would like to work with you and have you be in the FASHION EVENT we are doing very soon! do know that we can send to you sample images and also de4tails for sure. Do call my emloyer Kelan direct at 416.389.3748 when you can please. I look forward to your reply soon! Kaitlynn & Kristine Mazzonii 416.389.3748 is Kelan's number

I am calling my portfolio this because there are so MANY people that are in this industry that flake out! You seem really cool and I wanted to see if we can work each other. I would like to have you be able to do a shoot indeed! Please do email me direct and when you can so, do send a few sample images and a contact number for you. I am just getting started BUT I want to have a site eventyually with people that are reliable in the industry to work with each other. Email me direct at Speak to you soon! Chantel


I would like and adore to work with you. Please do email em when you get this direct at so we can speak and work with each other indeed! I am so looking forward to the oppurtunity! I am new here but can send to you sample images and details for sure. Email me direct at


We are trying to find some reliable models for a shoot and a Fashion Event. Please do email em direct when you can. I have a friend that is also trying to reach you. Email me at Sammi P.S. Do send a few sample images and a contact number for you please. Talk to you then!


Photography Shoot and Preview Event
January 5-7 2007, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
F&G STYLING Fashion Preview.

On the date of January 5 2007, the model, and her companion, shall have a Flight from HALIFAX to TORONTO, for the sole purpose of particiapting in a Photoshoot and Preview event. The Photo shoot is for the purpose of creating and maintaining a well exucuted Portfolio for my client and associate Kristian Louis.

Do understand that NO IMAGES SHALL BE SOLD at all for any Profit unless Agreed upon by and from the Parties involved. the model, photographer, make up artist, hair stylist, shall all have the right to share the images for their portfolio(s).

This shall be supplied to the model for the shoot and there is a chance that if the model appears to wear the item and or items well, that some maybe given to the model.
Shoes shall have to be supplied by the model(s), for this event.

The model EVE has agreed that the amount of $300-350 for her pay is to be sufficient. The pay will be for her role in the photro shoot which is to be Glamour, tastefully done along with some Fashion
shots that are tastful also. The shoot is to be in two on site locations in downtown Toronto. One is to be near the DUNDAS SQUARE, that is in the heart of down town. This is to be for the Fashion and the Club styled clothing indeed.

The Preview showing is to be at a Store location on Bloor St. The Semi-Private show will show case clothing as you have seen in the sample work images.

The amount that is half to what is to be given to our associate for the assurrance that the model will arrive shall be returned to her. This amount would be $230.17 to be returned. It is half as to what is needed for the model and her companion to arrive via Canada Air.

I shall be using my. Sammy Yingh's Discount from a work resource to enable that the flight shall be at the lowest possible rate.

I look forward to your reply and having this finally accomplished


Posted at 11:36 PM on Dec 20, 2006

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