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Dear Model My name Sharon Anderson. I am a advert manager of Tropical models agent in Co-durham. We are doing a promotion for the Tropical models New Face of the Year. It is being promoted by a million dollar ad campaign with People & Teen People online and InStyle Magazine online. The winner of the competition wins a $500,000 endorsement contract with Tropical models . Each month we are looking for the 50 most beautiful people (non-celebrities). Finalists are featured in our ad campaign on the online magazines I mentioned. The competition is about inner as well as outer beauty. Anyway, I think you have a wonderful look and would like to enter you into the contest. All you have to do is send me your resume as a model or actor willing to pacitipate in the competition. Registration is 100 % free and all travel expenses will be covered by the Tropical models , besides being in the competition you will receive worldwide exposure throughout the industry. The promotion would last for 5 days, starting from December 10th to December 14th and all qualified model will be entitle to $10,000 including the visa and air flight ticket expenses. We would like to have the following details in order to attach to the form which will be sent to you via Courier service. 5 different pictures of good styles Full name Age Contact address Phone number As soon as we have this details one of our representative will give you a call regarding the promotion or send you a note to congratulate if you are been selected in the promotion, all expensive regarding the visa flight arrangement will be sponsor by Tropical models. We are local agent here in United Kingdom and we will want to grow large in development. Tropical models agent is doing this promotion because we are celebrating our 1 year anniversary. Note: All requirements should be submitted on or before 30th November 2006. Multiple entries would be disqualified in the promotion. Metro Mathew - Director Jane Needham - Manager Joy Mathew - Human Relations Officer Laura Bairstow - Production Co-ordinator Samantha Bryan - Manpower Co-ordinator Janet Chint - Assistant Co-ordinator Lesley Barret - Makeup Manager Sharon Anderson-Adert Manager Tropical models Ton bridge Kent TN10 3TR Phone # :+( 44) 704-010-9967 Location: Tropical models agent Head office is situated in the outskirts of Tonbridge, underneath Ton bridge Art Gallery on the Head row, next to the Town Hall and the Henry Moore Institute.

Posted at 10:50 AM on Nov 25, 2006

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