gvbrown - Photographer
(Photographer Michigan, United States)

The company "Impactww" has been blacklisted on MuseCube for opening multiple fraudulent accounts using different aliases.

We also have multiple reports of this site operating using questionable / unethical practices.

Contact with this company should be reported to abuse.

Posted at 09:48 PM on Feb 28, 2006
kiara_acht - Model
(Model Italy)

Which is their real name?
I subscribed in this site but they ask money to reply casting calls, it's kinda otrageous!!

Link: Website
Posted at 11:37 AM on Mar 04, 2006
TalentExtras - Model
(Model Texas, United States)

IMPACTWW YES a big joke...they recruit inexpieranced people to hunt down talent and then try to sell talent calls that can be found ALL over the net for free. These are NOT bookings they sell...they sell casting notices. Expieranced talent can spot the scam a million miles's the newbies that need to be warned. The so called comissioned booking agents need to be warned as well. I suspect a huge turn over with so called booking agents as one sticks around if they can't ever earn a penny based on comission.

Di Haman, Casting Director

FYI I speak from personal expierance...Impactww sent a so called booking request to my 13 yr old daughter...turns out.... it was a MAXIUM casting call that they wanted me to pay 3.95 for.

Posted at 12:00 PM on Apr 04, 2006
jmb59 - Photographer
(Photographer Michigan, United States)

OH MY GOD! I was not aware of this. I thought I had done my homework on them. But I guess not, but that is ok. I have talked with Pheobe from Ohio who works at ImpactWW, the most I am related to them is that they are letting people know about my events, that's all. Event though this still might hurt me in the long run. I shall consider this a warning, thanks.

But let me say this too, not all places are rip-offs. Some people have bad experiences, and they tell others that it a 'bad place.' Example: Some of my shows, after the event- I get e-mails say that my show was a rip-off for their $15 or whatever they paid to get in. I did not rip them off, and had they asked me right there for their money back, I would have surely given it to them.

I reconize the names of the people who place these complaints, they are the same people that come to a 'networking' event and sit on their butts and do not talk to ANYONE! As I promoter, I can only do so much to get the word out about a product or client. As a model, you should also be out doing everything you should and can to get yourself seen, slight of killing someone for exposure.

Getting back to the scams artists; I was approached by other companies; One Source Talent was one for me to be a "Model Scout." It was a rip off.

We all met in an office, they gave us a two hour talk, gave us business cards and sent us off to the mall to find models. So no one got paid to do this, the told the group, "This is how we weed out the people who are not good agents."

I never claimed to be a modeling agent, I am not an agency.(a lot of model wannabees are just 'flashes in the pan,' and more of a head-ache than their money is worth)

I am a promoter, I get people information, I tell everyone about what ever it is I get paid to talk about.

So before you listen to someone else about idol rumors, please investigate a company for yourself. Avoid gossip, avoid the opinion of others, and gain first hand experience.

Example: My mom doesn't like spinich, so I never had any when I was a kid. I though it was bad. When I was 17 I went to a girl friends house and her parents had spinich. Out of respect I had some and I found I liked it, think about all the good foods I missed because I listened to to someone else's opinion.

J. Bryant

Link: T he GLBB
Posted at 06:48 AM on Jul 15, 2006
jmb59 - Photographer
(Photographer Michigan, United States)


Thank you for your feed back. As I was unaware of the ImpactWW messages,it was much too late for me to disassocaite myself with them. The only reason I placed them on my site is because they placed a link to my site. Same as MuseCube, Geoff has helped me many times in the past, I am forever in his debt.

Courtney Taylor is a celebrity, in a way I guess? A playboy/penthouse model, but a celebrity all the same.

I do have warnings that I am not responsible for anything that IS NOT listed on my site. I guess if you go look at all the model's links on my page, you might find some questionable photos too.

Courtney's link opens to her front page, so what you did was go through her site, found something that you did not like and posted it here? right?

If my link had gone directly to that page, then you could have a case.

SO I thank you for your support and can I count on you to help me create my next show? I'll leave it to you to recriute sponsors, ok?

Posted at 11:58 AM on Aug 06, 2006
gvbrown - Photographer
(Photographer Michigan, United States)

It looks like these guys are also operating as "" now as well. Same company, same "talent scout" structure.


Posted at 04:15 PM on Aug 14, 2006

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