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Los Angeles Model needed for 5 Shoot Ideas this weekend...

jayautry - Photographer
California, United States
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Hello Modeling buddies,

Longing to cast an available model for this weekend. TFP shoot perfect for look books. July 27th and 28th

1) Located in Los Angeles County is a local and known spot. San Pedro Sunken City.
2) Located in Desert is Bombay Beach "The Salton City." lake best known by vacationers and getaway. Ruin feeling.
3)Located in Temescula is Pioneer town. Abandoned town standing still.
4) Located in Desert is Airplane graveyard. Place where old planes are taken.
5)Atolia Tungsten Mine. site contains about a dozen buildings, all in various states of abandonment.

I have personally scouted these locations and feel that these would be perfect for a project including many personalities. If at all interested place take the time and reach out to me with location already in mind. Also, list your requirements of shoot.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope these work for people.
Carpool okay. Weapons upon request, all styles and fashion will be determined by location.

Jay Autry
310-867-3503 (text only)

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Posted at 09:45 PM on Jul 25, 2013