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Just B'Cause...

IbM - Photographer
Georgia, United States
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It's time to visit Atlanta's best-kept secret again with a handful of beauties and make pretty with the water, rocks and God's natural light.

This is NOT a shoot for prima donnas. You should have a sense of adventure, like the outdoors and bring along some Gatorade. There WILL be hiking thru the woods on rustic hiking trails, you WILL sweat off any makeup you leave the house with (so don't even bother), just before we reach the location you WILL be cussing me and thinking about going back the way you came.... but THEN the location reveals itself and all that grumbling will be forgotten as you step into the water to cool off.

Oh, you WILL get wet (at least from the knees down), so prepare to go barefootin'.

The location lends itself to all sorts of genres: fashion, sport, casual, swimwear, lingerie, nude; so what you come away with depends on you. But, do not plan on dragging a duffelbag full of clothes, shoes, makeup, hair products, costume jewelry, snack and drinks. You won't be very happy unless you regularly lift weights or run marathons.

Where we will be you can lay out nude in total privacy, without fear of prying eyes or offending the sensibilities of others on the trails. Nudity is not a requirement but an available option.

This is a TFP/TFCD shoot.

Still interested? E-mail me at with pics and contact info. View my port for samples of what can be had from Sweetwater Creek State Park, GEORGIA.

Posted at 03:25 PM on Jul 27, 2009

Kandie100 - Model
California, United States
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seem fuN!!

Posted at 01:34 PM on Sep 12, 2009