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Long hair...

glouise - Model
New Jersey, United States
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Hello MUAs/stylists,

I recently met with a reputable agency in NYC and the first thing they told me was that I would need to cut my hair (not chop it), but make it a little shorter because it is really long (just above waist length). I don't object, but am curious as to why this is.

My question is: Why don't clients/agents like long hair?

Is it considered a distraction?
Is it because they have to pay more for styling?
Is it because long hair is time consuming?
Is it all of these?
Why is it?

What have your experiences been with clients/agents/models on this topic?



Posted at 02:17 PM on Aug 04, 2005

Carla_B - Model
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I also have long curly hair down to my waist, I was also told to cut it because really long hair is heavier and it is harder to keep a style in. I personally choose not to listen to them and and I get compliment by hair stylist all the time.

Posted at 02:28 PM on Aug 04, 2005

fairyfirefly - Model
Texas, United States
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you girls have beautiful hair! there crazy wanting you to cut it!

Posted at 05:36 PM on Aug 07, 2005

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