Photographer wanted

Richard090 - Artist
(Artist Oregon, United States)

I am starting a new project that will feature photos and paintings from those photos displayed together in an exhibit titled "Duet". The photos will be art directed by me(for paintings). The photographer will then shoot the same setup posing and lighting, etc so that their vision of the setup is unique but similar to the painting. For style google Serge Marshennikov. The show is planned for August of 2017. If you are interested, email me at:

Link: Website
Posted at 02:23 PM on Dec 02, 2016
RobertRS - Photographer
(Photographer Texas, United States)

Did you receive any responses to this? I'm not a model but I have the sense this site is currently dead or close to it...

Posted at 12:59 PM on Oct 28, 2017

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