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Newbie: Why cant I contact anyone?...

MilesBeyond - Photographer
North Carolina, United States
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im new to the site, but i noticed, once i paid my money, & got verified, It still wont let me contact the models.

Its like everyone has a block, which i dont think is a coincidence.

Or maybe it takes days, (which sucks cause i paid for an upgrade)

Im beginning to feel like a fool that wasted his money.

Somebody tell me something i dont know. OR tell me what im doing wrong.....smh

Posted at 08:13 PM on Jul 29, 2014

McGowanPhoto - Photographer
Arizona, United States
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If you're still having problems, e-mail and the new owners should be able to fix things for you.

Posted at 01:21 AM on Aug 01, 2014

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