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ShadowscapeStudio - Photographer
(Photographer Minnesota, United States)

MuseCube is for all intent and purpose the only model/photographer site I have found that has any class and professionalism.
The problem is a matter of numbers. A large majority of model/photographers are child like individuals who want to chit chat and use such sites for doing just that. These sites draw the kids in because it gives them a place to act like children and still find each other for their sometimes photography/modeling stints. Hence they have large numbers of so called photographer/models. People go where the quantity is, not the quality. This is too bad because there are a large number of us who would rather look at a good model/photographer site such as this one but everyone is over on another site because that is where the numbers are.
If you want a reasonable quantity of models and photographer in your search inquiry you need to offer them something that is going to draw them in. Unfortunately things that draw the mass in are the childish things that turn a good site into a piece of crap. Catch 22.
It is a tough thing to overcome, to create a site of quality and get the numbers up to where it is worth while being.
I was a longtime member of MuseCube before that child site sprang up and people flocked there to hang out. It would have been nice if just the kids left, but with them went the numbers. Soon the volume of perspective model and photographers were no longer with MuseCube.
I have followed many other sites as they sprung up in hopes that they would produce a respectable and professional model/photographer site but they all realize if they want numbers they must portray themselves as a place for the kids to hang out.
When I got an invitation to rejoin this new MuseCube I looked at it and found it to be a welcome and familiar place of class. Geof has made some fantastic improvements and it reeks of a grand site that I have envisioned a site such as this should be.
I am going to hang out for a spell and see what I can do to help get people back here so we can actually have a professional model/photographers site to be involved with.
And I apologize to the MUAs, painters, sculptors and others here for not including them in my descriptions but it would have made it too long. They are as much a part of the industry as photographers and models.
I hope together we can get the numbers up so we professional artists (not meaning full time, just professional attitude) have a place we can call home.
I have several profiles with the number one child site and have posted this on one of them:
I no longer will be monitoring this portfolio or web site.
You may locate me at:
I am thinking of adding that to the other profiles as well. It will at least let perspective models know where they can find me, and I don't have to hang out with the children.
This site may not have the mass quantity, but if we can get the people with a professional attitude to make a showing here we can have one damn fine place to network.
Mr Brown is welcome to remove my post here if he finds that I have interfered with his plan or stated something he wishes I had not.
I am looking forward to this place as being my regular site where I can talk with people who want to be part of community of models and photographers who are interested in working together and not in who got laid last night.

Posted at 10:33 PM on Jan 17, 2012
gvbrown - Photographer
(Photographer Michigan, United States)

Thank you both for your comments.

To begin, MuseCube was started almost ten years ago (initial development began in September 2002). There are many members that are still with us and active from those initial days. Those that have known me during those years can probably tell you that I'm open to feedback of any kind regarding this service - positive or constructive. I welcome it, and member feedback is something that has always been a factor in the growth and evolution of this website.

So... where do I begin...

*** Dead Portfolios ***
We are taking this month to allow members who have dead or seemingly abandoned portfolios to either update them, or lose them.

In my opinion, there is no purpose in brandishing the "biggest database" of models on the web, if only a fraction of those are actually active or useful. It is a waste of everyone's time. So you will see a massive clean up of portfolios within the course of this month.

Use it or lose it!

*** New Members ***
We've undertaken some new efforts to inject new membership into this site. In the past two weeks we have seen record signups, exceeding what we've seen in recent history. I believe you'll see this trend continue over the next few months as well. We are getting very aggressive on this front.

Thus far, this is primarily a result of our internal efforts, partly with marketing, and partly with introducing new, engaging and addictive features within our platform. We definitely have a few tricks on the way that no one else has capitalized on yet.

*** What you can do? ***
Our strength since the beginning was word of mouth. If you like the site, tell people about it. If you have models, tell them about it. Link to it, update regularly, etc.

If you are on Facebook, make sure that you "like" our page, as you will begin to see a lot of new activity there. If you're already a fan, simply share click share and tell people about it.

Thanks again for the feedback ---

Geoff B

Link: MuseCube on Facebook
Posted at 09:23 AM on Jan 18, 2012
EL_PIC - Photographer
(Photographer Texas, United States)

Jack - A Very Coldplay ..

I used to rule the world
Seas would rise when I gave the word
Now in the morning I sleep alone
Sweep the streets I used to own

I used to roll the dice with 5 pictures
Feel the fear in my enemies' eyes ...

Link: Jack Cutler's Lunatic World
Posted at 08:45 AM on Feb 05, 2012
jwelborn - Photographer
(Photographer Tennessee, United States)

I came back because of all the BS at MM and other sites like it.
They have large numbers but I would rather see quality over quantity and I think it is up to all of us to promote this site to those who are also serious about photography or modeling .

Posted at 12:07 AM on Feb 28, 2013
voluptatum - Studio or Creative Group
(Studio or Creative Group New York, United States)

fwiw ... mm needs a competitor but this certainly aint it, it's too bad since the site has decent functionality. my first time here in years and the first model update in my email is from some chick who msgs me she's been kidnapped by arabs and is being forced to have sex with a princes body guards ... i dont think i'll be back for a while ... but good luck thuugh

Posted at 07:03 PM on Mar 05, 2013

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