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gvbrown - Photographer
Michigan, United States
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Updates to the Profile format have been completed.

This section now includes all of the information previously displayed in the old format. It's just prettier.

Aside from the introduction of the "MuseCubes" section, we've also added the following:

- "Add to Favorites" button is now more prevalent, and includes a count of the people that have added you as a favorite.

- Complete overhaul of the portfolio layout section. Thumbnails now appear in a "slide" type format.

- Enlarged images now pop up to an overlay window with a fade effect.

- Pop up overlay allows for next / previous browsing, in a slideshow manner.

- Left side portfolio nav now appears on all pages within your profile, rather than just the first page.

- Facebook "like" button replaces the previous social media links, and is dynamically generated.

- Much, much leaner and more efficient html coding behind the scenes. Elements are designed to be search engine friendly, with search engine optimization in mind.

Of course, these changes only effect those who are using the Profile view for their "profile", rather than the website view.

There are a few other features that are coming, and should be online next week.

Geoff B

Posted at 09:49 PM on Dec 21, 2011

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