marywehrhahn - Photographer
(Photographer New York, United States)

Hello... anyone still out there? I know that even Geoff is more active on Face Book and another Model site. hmmmmmm is that part of the problem - lack of interest. Half the images that are posted of late have been snapshots and I'm starting to think about building a new site - else where. But I've made such wonderful friends here.
What's your thoughts on MUSECUBE. Is it dead or just hibernating.

Posted at 09:11 AM on Jul 08, 2010
McGowanPhoto - Photographer
(Photographer Arizona, United States)

I visit, but I don't wanna dominate the forums here. Also, I'm seeing a LOT of new talent coming in here. Just wish they'd talk to us (and people would respond more when they do).

Other sites are more active, but this is one where you can send folks to view EVERYTHING you have in your portfolio. That cannot be said for the others.

Posted at 03:25 PM on Jul 08, 2010
McGowanPhoto - Photographer
(Photographer Arizona, United States)

Even as slow as our responses have come, it's nice to see folks who still recognize MC's value.

It's akin to the best of having a community to join and having your own site.

Posted at 02:19 PM on Jul 12, 2010
Grandart - Photographer
(Photographer Illinois, United States)

I find MC the more interesting of the "modeling" sites largely because of the dedicated members who give thoughtful critiques to the work that's shown here. Having said that, I have yet to earn the first dime from contacts made on MC; financially this site is a disaster for me, but I don't look at it from a financial side. I wish that there was a bit more traffic; I also wish that the management exercised a bit more judgement in the kinds of work or members it allows on the site. I am seeing a lot of amateur/cell phone work from people who should be told politely that this is not the place for them.

Posted at 05:43 PM on Jul 18, 2010

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