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Natalie Paquette

Schenectady, New York
United States
I've been posing for my own camera for too long - one day I'll be the next Cindy Sherman, but until I can afford the equipment... I think it's time to branch out and work with other photographers. Need someone willing to strap themselves into corsets and ridiculous shoes? Cover themselves with body paint or fake blood? Cram themselves into a box? I'll try it. And I'll have fun doing it, too. There's little I won't do - but nudes are one of them. Please respect my decision on that topic. I work fulltime during the week, but am available on most weekends for traveling up to 50 miles from my home in Schenectady, NY. So if you have a fun project in mind and you're not too far away - drop me a line! I'd love to hear from you.

And Down She Lay
Mouth Full of Diamonds...
Blood Shower - Hunger
Dead Doll

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