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Brian Eaves Photography

Chicago, Illinois
United States

About Brian Eaves Photography

Artist's Statement

I began this project twenty years ago when he was a student at Columbia.
I was then shooting film, and by accident double exposed the roll.

Now shooting digitally, there's still the old school element in this
work. The woman's face is projected onto the body, not with Photoshop
but with a projector. This gives the images a more dimensional feel and makes them more a collaboration between photographer and subject.

I am inspired by the female body, its form. The light and textures
of the projected photograph follow the shape of the body and the
viewer is invited to reveal her not once, but twice, with the honesty
of a portrait and the sexuality of a nude.
Voyeurism is

Brian Eaves Photography - Experience

I'm a Chicago photographer shooting digital. I love photography, i shoot color and black & white, it depends on the the subject and the look of the shot. I love artistic collaborations that let me experiment with photography

Interested in:

Portrait, Art, Other, Figure Study


Digital, Photography

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