Donielle Morris

Nashville, Tennessee
United States
Nashville, Tennessee
United States

Donielle Morris

I have mostly just been a singer but lately I've been getting approached a lot more for modeling...I've been in a calendar, done a few run way shows for minor events. Would love to do some time for CD stuff if I see a very talented photographer I want to work with!

Photographers Worked with: (* indicates more than once)
Jeremy Westby #109507*
Tony Duong
The Anglins**
Rickie Belvins #129990
Brandon Oursler #139461**
Manring Photo #168970
Sonshine Photography #9102*
Cari Parker***

Comments from the photographers I've worked with...

"AWESOME job on the shoot. You're great!"~Brandon Oursler, First shoot together.

"Great job at the photo shoot yesterday! it was such a joy spending time with you!"~Brandon Oursler, 3rd Shoot together.

"This Girl WOW!!! What can I say...
If you haven't met her in person or better yet worked with her or shot with her your missing out!!! We gotta do it again girl!!! This Girl, Donielle, Rocks!!!"~Gary Welling, Sonshine Photography

Comments from Casting Directors...
Suzzanne Skinner (Image Casting re: Eric Church's music video shoot) "Good grief!!! We need to clone you girl!!!"

Comments from MUA's...
"Firecracker energy! Donielle SAYS she's a beginner but she works it like someone who has been in the business forever. She makes everyone laugh and relax on feels like a minute has flown by when it's hours. She is absolutely a joy to work with - one of my favs!" ~ Lisa Johnson MUA & Stylist